10 Highest-Grossing Ryan Gosling Movies of All Time

Ryan Gosling is everyone’s celebrity crush, right? Well, this versatile and brilliant actor tends to be in a lot of pretty impressive films. Whether he’s dabbling in rom-coms, intense thrillers, or a futuristic drama, Ryan slays just about every role thrown his way. With 44 acting credits and 2 Oscar nominations, this man has definitely made waves in Hollywood. In case you’re looking for your next binge of this heartthrob, we’ve narrowed down his most popular roles. Here are his 10 highest-grossing films.

10 Fracture (2007) – $39 million

This crime drama stars Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. This film follows a young, hot-shot attorney (Gosling) as he tries to climb the ladder in the business. However, he finds a roadblock in the manipulative, conniving criminal he is trying to prosecute, who shot his wife and wishes to represent himself at trial (Hopkins). These two actors are brilliant, and the story is pretty fascinating. If you want to see Gosling blow the courtroom away as a lawyer, here you go.

9 The Ides of March (2011) – $40.9 million

This drama thriller follows a staff member (Gosling) of a new presidential candidate as he gets wound up in the dirty nature of politics.

George Clooney plays the candidate, and this film becomes a pretty intense and interesting tale of the reality of the campaign trail. This film will definitely make you question your morals of career and virtue, and which one deserves to win out. Again, these actors are brilliant, and this is a pretty good film if you’re searching for a little political spin.

8 First Man (2018) – $44.9 million

This movie was actually breathtaking. Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong, and the film follows his personal and professional life leading up to the infamous space mission where he set foot on the moon. Directed by Damien Chazelle, this film also stars Claire Foy and Jason Clarke. It also has four Oscar nominations, and it’s a breathtaking visual. This isn’t an American propaganda film. If anything, it’s a tragic and honest tale of the costs of the space race, and Gosling is brilliant.

7 Gangster Squad (2013) – $46 million

Taking place in LA in the late 1940s, this film follows a gangster squad, led by the mobster Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn). On the flip side, a team of cops assemble to take down the ruthless leader, in ruthless manners of their own. This film also has our favorite on-screen pair, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Honestly, this movie is a classic gangster vs. cop film, with questionable morals and actions. Tune in for a dark, action-packed man-hunt with a touch of romance.

6 The Big Short (2015) – $70.2 million

This movie probably has one of the best casts we’ve ever seen. With Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Brad Pitt, and our main man Ryan Gosling, this film is also directed by the brilliant Adam McKay.

This movie tells the quirky, intense, and riveting tale of the 2006 crash of the housing market. It follows a group of investors throughout the process as they reveal the corrupt nature of the economy and its market. Oh yeah, it’s also narrated in normal-people terms by Margot Robbie in a bath tub, so, need we say more? Literally, go watch this Oscar nominated film right now.

5 The Notebook (2004) – $81 million

This movie is probably best known as Ryan’s breakout role, where he definitely made a name himself in Hollywood. If you haven’t seen this classic romantic drama, well, you’re probably lying. Gosling plays a poor, passionate young man who falls in love with a rich woman (Rachel McAdams). Their story is pure and full of youthful freedom, but they eventually must separate because of social differences. This romance story is an emotional roller coaster, and we know you love every second of this classic film. Oh yeah, you’re also crying the whole time.

4 Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011) – $84.5 million

This is probably the most hilarious character we’ve seen Ryan play. In fact, this rom-com is probably one of our all-time favs. Cal (Steve Carell) is going through a divorce, and he wants to change his life dramatically. He enlists the help of a young man, Jacob (Ryan Gosling), who redoes his look and helps him pick up girls at bars (in a hilarious and judgmental manner).

However, Jacob’s womanizing days become threatened when he meets an interesting girl, Hannah (Emma Stone). This movie is full of twists, and for a rom-com, that’s impressive. We were laughing from start to finish, and it’s also wholesome and sweet.

3 Blade Runner 2049 (2017) – $92.1 million

This sequel to this classic film is absolutely breathtaking. Ryan Gosling takes the lead, but Harrison Ford is still in this one, don’t worry. Full of secrets, action, post-apocalyptic turmoil, and absolutely stunning visuals, this movie is intriguing and suspenseful. We frankly can’t say enough praise about this movie, and it’s most definitely an Academy Award winning film. Just go watch it, basically.

2 Remember the Titans (2000) – $115.6 million

While Ryan doesn’t have a lead in this one, this movie is an absolute classic, and we’re not mad about including it. This is a biography sport drama, which, yes, is a bit different for this heartthrob. This movie tells the true story of an African-American coach (Denzel Washington) who tries to take his high school football team to victory as a unified, racially integrated group. This story is absolutely heartfelt and powerful, and will definitely give you your pick-me-up for the day.

1 La La Land (2016) – $151.1 million

Let’s be honest – we all love this film. This one is also directed by Damien Chazelle, and also has the beautiful Emma Stone as Ryan’s co-star. This movie takes place in old Hollywood, and follows these two as they navigate their careers in music and film. This movie won 6 Oscars, and was even nominated for Best Picture. This movie is honest, heartbreaking, funny, and absolutely stunning. We haven’t seen a beautiful, genuine drama like this in a long time. Plus, it’s got all the wonderful music you’d ever need. Go watch, or re-watch, this film to remind yourself how deeply mesmerizing it is. With that said, we’re not surprised this film is Ryan’s highest grossing to date.

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